Aesthetic gynaecology

Changes in the look of reproductive organs occurring with ageing turn out to be a problem for many women. Unfortunately, today’s culture accept stereotypes. A model of “granny”, not a mature woman, results in the fact that it is even harder to meet their sexual needs.

Hence, it should come as no surprise that aesthetic gynaecology is currently one of the fastest developing branches of medicine in the world. It focuses on procedures which aim to improve the look of female reproduction organs and their sexual functions.

They lead to improvement of self-esteem and physical comfort as well as image improvement in the eyes of the partner.

Aesthetic Gynaecological procedures are recommended for women who do not necessarily accept the look of their organs in intimate zones.

The look often changes after deliveries and with ageing which results in subdermal tissue atrophy, which leads to discomfort.

Due to my experience in gynaecology I decided to introduce several procedures which may help improve the quality of sexual life and the look of reproductive organs.